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1. At every setting, business shall be opened and closed with prayer.

2. Ministers present are invited to sit with us. Messengers from corresponding Associations may speak on subjects regularly introduced, excluding those business sessions.

3. No person shall speak more than twice on any subject except by special permission of the Presiding Officer.

4. The Moderator of the Association shall appoint all committees unless ordered by the Association.

5. The election of officers shall take place in the afternoon of the first day of the Annual Session.

6. Each church represented in this Association must furnish a letter giving the total membership, additions and diminutions during the year and post office address of the pastor and secretary.

7. Churches are urged to send as delegates only those who will remain until business of the Association shall be completed.

8. In the afternoon of the second day’s session all corresponding messengers from other bodies may be permitted to present their work.

9. Reading of Church Letter Forms will be dispensed with and the s statistics contained therein will be tabulated by the financial committee and read before the Association.

10. A donation will be given during the Annual Session to certain individuals who give their time and talent to perform certain responsibilities in various official roles.

11. The Treasurer shall receipt all monies paid by delegates.

12. The Home and Foreign Mission Committee Boards shall be empowered to function through the vacation period and shall be responsible for the collection and distribution of their respective finances.

13. All monies for missions, sent by letters, shall pass through the hands of the appropriate committee or board. Proper receipts for the same will be turned over to the Treasurer of the Association.

14. All public collections for our various causes shall be turned into the hands of the finance committee, receipt therefore being taken.

15. A committee or Board of Education shall be appointed to function during the vacation period. Such Board shall be empowered to raise money for our educational program. Said Committee or board shall receive all money sent though letters or collected during the session and proper receipts turned over to the Treasurer or the Association. The Treasurer shall distribute said funds as appropriated to selected recipients or institutions.

16. All the above-mentioned committees or boards shall function under the direction of the Executive Board of this Association.

17. All the above standing committees or boards shall make a detailed report of all activities, including money collected, money paid out, etc, at every annual session of the Association.

18. The Association shall take responsibility for designating and supporting person(s) in the process of obtaining through theological training in an institution of higher learning. The designated person (s) should be a member in good standing of one of the Association churches.

19. The Founders of the Association shall be Life members.

20. The Auditors shall be members of this Association.

21. All monies shall be sent to their destinations at the appropriate time, following the adjournment of the Association.

22. Each church is requested to send their pastor and two delegates and pay no less than $15 per delegate and pastor attending the annual two-day session of the Association. This assessment is for entertaining the delegates, pastors and officers. Non-delegates who are not officers will be charged on a per meal basis as deemed appropriate by the entertaining church.

23. All committee reports shall be made no late than the afternoon of the second day.

24. A committee on the state of churches is appointed to make a survey or study of rural churches to the end of offering some helpful suggestions in our next session.

25. Each church desiring to host the Annual Session of the Association shall make their request known in writing and shall present such request to the Chairman of the Next Place of Meeting Committee. This request should be signed by the Pastor, Clerk and Chairman of Deacons/or Chairman of the Official Board. If the proposed host church plans to assess a meal charge for non-delegates, the intention to assess a fee should be stated in the letter of invitation.